Welcome to my primary art website based on the process of printmaking. Take a look around at my resources and fun activities that will lead to the creation of a masterpiece!

Let's get some inspiration for our printmaking designs by looking at some fabulous illustrations in books set in the amazing underwater world.

Using inspiration we have gained from the books above, let's have a go at creating our own masterpiece! There are many different techniques to choose from, you can even layer them if you cant choose one!

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paint hand print.png
paint hand print.png
Andy Warhol.jpg

Who had all these great ideas?

Let's find out about the amazing, famous artists whose work is created by printmaking techniques! 

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Have you been paying attention?

Take these fun quizzes to see how much you have learnt on Let's get Messy!

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Boy painting.jpg

This is the boring bit! Leave this to the adults.

Adults: Everything you need to help your little ones get creative.